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Our Products


Frying pan

GAS / Electric model for efficient bulk frying pan made out of SS, body double walled, covered with SS.
Size: 27” × 9” – 12kw
18” × 7” – 9kw

Tilting frying pan

Gas / Electric model for efficient bulk frying . Pan made out of SS. Cutom built.
Capacity: 100, 150, 200 Ltrs

Deep Fat fryer

Single and twin basket ideal for fast food with SS oil tank and SS perforated baskets, electrically operated. Availiable counter top and with stand
Elec.Load 1.5 KW single basket 3 KW twin basket

Work Table

Work Table

Top made out of heavy guage stainless steel with optional splash guard with or without undershelf and optional drawers. Also available with SS undershelves and custom built.
Std. Sizes: 44”×24”×34”, 72”×24”×34”, 92”×24”×34” Also provided with nylon boards for cutting vegetables.

Vegetable / Meat cutting table

Made out of SS, Having one undershelf with nylon adjustable bullet legs

Kitchen cupboard

Suitable for hygeinic storing of ingredients, knives and other tools. Full SS construction with shelves, perforated doors with looking arrangement. Standard sizes & custom built.

Wall shelves

Made out of stainless steel with SS wall brackets.

Dining tables

Suitable for staff dining with convenient seating facility. Top made out of stainless steel with stainless steel covered stools fixed / swivelling seats.
8 seater: 91”×36”×30”ht.
6 seater: 68”×30”×30”ht.
4 seater: 45”×30”×30”ht.


Storage and kitchen racks

Made out of 18 swg. Stainless steel with uprights made out of SS square tube
Std.size: 3’×1.5’×6’ , 4’×2’×6’

Pot Racks

Made out of SS squre tubes of different sizes.
Std.size: 4’×2.5’×4’, 3’×1.5’×5’