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Our Products

Fast Food Display Equipments

Hot and fresh display cabinet rotating type

Mean for small bakery, fast food joint, fitted with 1kw infrared bulb. All contact parts SS.

Hot food cabinet

Specially designed for bakeries and fast food. Made out of MS or SS.

Chicken Griller

Gas operated, made out of SS fitted with motor.
Capacity available: 6, 15/18 chicken at a time.

Bend glass display unit

Available in different shapes, Plain, heated & refrigeration models available. Unit made out of toughened glass.
Available in lengths of 2’,3’,4’,5’,6’,7 & 8’,

Fryer’s display unit table model

Beautifully designed unit for fast food Restaurant, Trays, Skirtings, front and sides made out of SS, fitted with infrared heater with ON and OFF switch and display mirror.
Approx . size: 28” x 24” x 34”ht. Elec. Load 1 kw


Electrically operated fly control equipment to keep the atmosphere clean from files etc. Available in ceiling and wall mounted models with fluorescent tube

Hygiene Tray

Made out of SS with acrylic lid.